The Stead Cafe is a place where we share our favorite things. The location of our farm and store is a place where we transform and build spaces to create effortlessly warm and modern delicious dining experiences. Wood burning ovens ignite the day, with stars, candles and lamps to light the night.

At The Stead we make everything from scratch. Our lemon jam is a must have at your breakfast and tea table. It is made from yellow lemons, sugar cane, butter, sea salt, eggs and homemade pectin from apples. Our chutney is another rarity never to be missed at your table all the time. We use it as a spread on chapattis and bread. We use our chutney as dip for fried chicken, fish, grilled lamb, beef and goat. By now I am sure you can tell we love our food. We use chutney to thicken our curries and you will never regret once you use Eden's mango chutney. Our mangoes are harvested from the heart of Teso with a range of spices and herbs from all over Uganda.