Our Background

In 2013, we set out to make our own wine in Cairo where alcohol was regulated. In a bid to create our own wine, we started a revolution of making our own everything to create sustainable living. Finding myself in a one bedroom greenhouse I started growing mint, tomatoes and bell peppers. The bell peppers at the store were all GMO and expensive. Day dreaming of living off the grid on a large scale, I was stuck in Washington D.C. with a strip of soil in my living room. I shelved my dream of idyllic country living and decided to do what I could, with what I had.

Once, I hosted the ‘Ladies who love to read' book club meeting and the ladies were amazed at how much I was farming on a small strip. One of the ladies messaged me the next day and said that she had picked up a sweet bell pepper plant and planned to plant some tomatoes too. She said that she was inspired by how I lived. This is how I would like to be remembered: as an inspiration

Nicole and I are working towards making the best wines in Africa as a way to support livelihoods and increase employment opportunities. We are forging ahead, calling our project the Stead after the Urban Homestead® model and with no small means of blood, sweat and tears; we will work to transform our dreams into an industry that supplies wines and organic produce all year-round

Please visit our customized program via our "Stead Farm Stand" that can also be found online at: www.thestead.org/farmstand

Our Team

Photo Deborah
Amoding believes in retro. Going back to the basics of life as it was thousands of years ago is what she lives for. She believes in making everything from scratch, "I like to know what's in my food," she often says. Her creativity and love for soil is what makes this business thrive.
Photo Nicole
Nicole is the business investor at The Stead. She has a passion for growing business in Africa and providing opportunities for young people to become self-sufficient. Nicole has served as an investment lawyer in France and envisions growing businesses in Africa because she believes in the people.